Pavithra S. Mohan

Journalist. Dancer. Foodie. Busybody.

I'm a newly-minted journalist who's partial to the written word and hopes to bring life to untold narratives. 

I’m a recent graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, where I was taught to spurn the Oxford comma and spin stories with a magazine slant. I grew up in Saratoga, California—a sleepy bedroom community devoid of street lights, about 40 miles southeast of San Francisco. My cross-country trek began six years ago, when I escaped the clutches of a renowned tiger mom and fled to college. Last year, I found my way to the overstuffed island of Manhattan, where you might catch me on the 6 train, doubled up over David Sedaris's latest entry in The New Yorker

Prior to my graduation in June 2013, I interned at Popular Science, where I wrote stories for front-of-the-book sections of the magazine. From July through December, I worked as an Editorial Fellow at Gizmodo, where I scoured RSS feeds and Twitter for intriguing science and technology topics, two of my interests aside from creative nonfiction and investigative journalism. As of this March, I've been working with the news and social team at Fast Company.